Common Sense Testimonials

Here is a sampling of subscribers’ opinions of the career guidance provided by Common Sense At Work:

“I always look forward to reading your CommonSenseAtWork blog. It’s so true and filled with common sense. Thank you for your information and practical tips.” - Jane G.

“I enjoy Common Sense At Work blog.  Mr. Greenwood knows what he is about…he’s been there, done that. He gives great advice in a brief and concise style” - Harry P.

“Your advice just makes so much sense. I always find find something help in your blog.   Keep it up.” - Paul S.

“I am self-employed so I don’t have a boss as such, except my clients. Still I get a lot of help in dealing with clients and suppliers from your publication.” - Shirley G.

“I appreciate your taking the time to provide me with one-to-one career advice for my brother who just lost his job. I have recommended that he sign up for your blog.” - Andrea A.

“Thanks for starting your blog. I get common sense advice that I can put to work everyday.” - Robert M.

“Few of today’s workforce have access to the knowledge of a pro. It’s obvious you’ve been there and done that. It shows in your common sense advice.” - James B.

Your blog delivers first class, down-to-earth career advice that I can put to work every day. – Bob J.