Part I — Q&A For Creating An Outstanding Resume

(This is part one of a four-part series to be posted today and the next three Mondays.)

If a career transition is in your future in 2013, a strong, executive caliber resume is a must.  Our senior resume writer – Staci Collins – held an interactive Q & A session last week to answer members’ burning resume questions.  This valuable Q & A session is summarized here for your reference…

Recruiter Requirements

Q:  What do recruiters want to see in a resume?

A: Recruiters screen hundreds of resumes daily.  On average they spend 2 to 3 seconds per resume.  They source candidates from proprietary networks such as Ivy Exec and LinkedIn.

–Recruiters want to quickly see a clear declaration of what you do, for whom, in what sectors and with what results/contributions.

–You must be present on LinkedIn.

–Different professions absolutely require different resumes. Different jobs require different resumes.  One size does NOT fit all.

–Results/contributions must be quantified.

Company Requirements

Q:  What do companies want to see in a resume?

A: Companies want to see that candidates understand their resume is and isn’t about them.  It’s really about the companies they worked for and the contributions they made to those companies.

–You need to research companies/sectors you are applying to so you can gauge industry practices/terminology and incorporate them.

–You need to clearly show why elements on your resume mattered to the company and the end results achieved. Focus on contributions….NOT responsibilities.

–You need to show years of experience, what sectors you worked in, what types of clients you helped.

–You need  to show obstacles you/your team faced and overcame.

–You must quantify results as much as possible to achieve credibility — think metric supported facts….NOT vague assertions.

Stay tuned for upcoming blog posts that will provide practical answers to resume questions about format, content, career changes, and more…

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Staci has over 15 years of experience partnering with managers at all levels to achieve their career objectives. She has worked at Accenture and Ernst & Young in change management, HR, and strategic planning. She received her MBA from the University of California – Haas, and BA from Harvard.

To get personalized advice on your resume from Staci or inquire about Ivy Exec’s resume writing options, please email

I wish you success with your career!

Ramon Greenwood, The Head Coach

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