The path to career success is going through a rough patch in a troubled economy environment. The need for common sense career coaching has not been greater in recent memory.

Turbulent times not withstanding, I can provide you with common sense coaching that will help you to translate your ambitions into the rewards you deserve: promotions, money and personal satisfaction. No charge, no obligation.

What’s my payoff? I’ve been fortunate to enjoy a rewarding career. Now, I want to share what I have learned with you and others who are working diligently to achieve career success. My reward will be in knowing that I have helped you to succeed to the best of your abilities.

The career advice I provide is based on my experience in major corporations, including Senior VP at American Express. My qualifications also include experience as an entrepreneur, professional director, consultant on career and business strategies and author.

I deliver my career coaching via my blog, one-on-one career counseling and books

This blog provides opportunities for you to post your opinions on career-related issues, share your career concerns and engage others in discussions. Plus, you can get one-on-one career advice via >

You’ll find recommendations for books, articles and ezines  that will help you accelerate your career.

For more information please visit my websisite > E-mail me at with your suggestions for adding other resources.

You have everything to gain and absolutely nothing to lose, except the roadblocks on your path to career success.

I wish you success!

Ramon Greenwood, The Career Coach

Common Sense At Work




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