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How To Get The Pay Raise You’ve Earned

If you are not getting the raise you believe you’ve earned you will find my new e-book helpful.

Getting a raise in salary and perks is not an easy undertaking, especially in these difficult times, but the odds for success can be significantly increased by executing the strategic plan spelled out in this new e-book, titled “How To Get The Pay Raise You’ve Earned.”

“How To Get The Pay Raise You’ve Earned” sets out comprehensive guidelines that will enable you to work your way through the challenge of negotiating the sensitive issues of convincing your employer that you deserve a raise. It also provides tips for how to avoid shooting yourself in the foot when you get an answer. Revealing case histories of how not to campaign for a raise are included.

A successful campaign for a raise begins by recognizing that the matter of your compensation is strictly a business proposition. You are not asking for a favor.

You have a service to sell (your expertise and your time). Your employer is the buyer who has a need he aims to satisfy.  You must make the case that increasing your pay package is a sound investment that will pay off for your employer. In other words, the goal is to convince him that you are worth the price.

I have written this timely e-book based on my wide-ranging career, including serving as senior vice president of American Express; a professional director of a number of companies; entrepreneur; author; and career coach. He is currently The Career Coach at Common Sense At Work.

“How To Get The Pay Raise You’ve Earned” is available for immediate downloading from Amazon and other leading e-readers for $1.99.

I wish you success in getting the raise you’ve earned.

Ramon Greenwood, The Career Coach

Common Sense At Work