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Career Advice: Admit You Need Help, Build Your Strengths

Forget the macho mode. You are not expected to know everything or to be perfect in all regards as your pursue your career goals.

Never be afraid to admit you need help, and then ask for it. Many careerists, otherwise smart and capable, hamstring themselves by believing they lose face if they say, “Hey, I don’t understand this problem, much less what to do about it. Please help me.”


Career Tip: Asking for help is not a sign of weakness. It is just the opposite; it is a sign of strength and maturity. When you ask for help, you are paying a compliment to the one you ask. You are saying, “You know something I don’t know. I trust you.”


When you put your ego aside and seek help on your career path those you ask for assistance often find themselves in your debt.


None of this is to suggest that it is always easy to ask for help. Admitting a shortcoming tramples a bit on the ego.


Career Tip: Don’t make a habit of asking for help to duck responsibility, to take a shortcut, or so you can sit on your butt.  If you’ve made your best effort and you still come up short, then reach out for assistance.


Volunteer to help others. Step in to offer a hand in finishing a tough project. Let it be known that you are ready to help those with less experience.


When you get help, don’t be shy about sharing credit with those who gave you a hand and shared their knowledge.


When you ask for help and get it, be sure to seal the transaction with a sincere, “Thank you.” That simple step, often overlooked, paves the way to ask for more assistance when it is needed.


If you ask for assistance and no one steps forward to help, look out. You are in an unhealthy situation.

I wish you success with your career.

Ramon Greenwood, The Career Coach

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