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Career Advice: How To Handle Criticism

Nobody likes to be criticized, but face it; criticism is bound to come if you’re working to achieve career success.

Here are five simple steps to turn criticism to your benefit:

1. Listen to it.

2. Evaluate it with an open mind.

3. Learn from it.

4. Respond to it.

5. Forget it.

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Ramon Greenwood, Head Career Coach
Common Sense At Work

Common Sense Says

“Applaud us when we run, console when we fall, cheer us when we recover…” Edmund Burke

Career Advice: Nine People Rules For Career Success

Career success depends on maintaining productive relationships with cohorts and bosses. Okay, that’s like saying there is salt in the ocean. But how often do we forget
to act on the following rules for career success?

1. Consider everyone as important and treat them accordingly.

2. Keep the promises your make. If you can’t deliver, admit it.

3. Acknowledge good work, even that of your competition.

4. Be happy for those who have good fortune; grieve with those who don’t. Be generous with compliments.

5. Listen. Keep an open mind, especially to new ideas. Discuss, don’t argue. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Learn from others.

6. Share credit for your attainments with those who played a part in them. Accept blame for mistakes, don’t attribute your failures to others.

7. Don’t say everything that crosses your mind.

8. Help others reach their goals.

9. Accept differences of opinions and values as inevitable.

I wish you success on your career path.

Ramon Greenwood, Head Career Coach
Common Sense At Work

Word of Wisdom: “Don’t confuse wishes with wants. When you want a thing you go out and get it. When you merely wish for something, you just wait for it to come.” Jack Klein

Career Advice: How To Get More Value From Our Blog

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I wish you success!

Ramon Greenwood, Head Career Coach
Common Sense At Work

Career Advice: Look Out! Is Your Job Endangered?

Wise careerists stay alert to signs that their jobs may be in danger and have stand-by plans to act if they get the pink slip. This is not negative thinking; it’s common sense at work.

There are obvious signals such as mediocre or worse performance ratings. Moreover, according to Greg Gostanian, managing partner at ClearRock, an executive coaching and outplacement firm, there are four more subtle, but no less meaningful, alarm bells.

1. Your supervisor and other colleagues are not making direct eye contact with you as often as they once did. You are not invited to the coffee breaks. You are lunching alone.

2. You have failed to carry out the one or two most important tasks you were hired to do.

3. People in other departments know more about what is going on in your own area than you do.

4. You are no longer invited to meetings, consulted about plans, and are discourage from joining trade associations and professional organizations. You are not copied on important messages.

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I wish your career success!

Ramon Greenwood, Head Career Coach
Common Sense At Work

Career Advice: Value Added To Blog

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The first is the Career Resources Center. This is a feature where from time to time I will make recommendations for materials that I believe will be helpful to you in your drive to career success. These will include books, DVDs, newspaper and magazine articles and links to other newsletters and ezines that provide career advice.

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I wish you career success!

Ramon Greenwood, Head Career Coach
Common Sense At Work

Career Advice: How To Identify Achievers

There are 11 indicators that identify high achievers.

1. They are engaged in tasks they love to perform and are good at.

2. They work hard and consistently.

3. They manage their time according to priorities.

4. They are able to focus on the tasks at hand.

5. They know how to manage their relationships with their boss, as well as their peers. They treat people with whom they have contact with proper respect.

6. They work according to a career plan; they are persistent in pursuing goals.

7. They are able to adapt to changing environments.

8. They can spot opportunities and they are willing to take chances.

9. They are willing to admit mistakes and they learn from them.

10. They are not afraid to ask for help.

11. They understand how their function can contribute to the success of their employer.

Take time NOW to assess how you rate on these attributes.

I wish your career success!

Ramon Greenwood, Head Career Coach
Common Sense At Work

Career Advice: Five Steps To Productivity

Here are five career tips to maintain (and increase) your productivity, day in, day out, as recommended by the people at Robert Half, the world’s largest specialized staffing firm:

• Make a plan at the beginning of each day, mapping out what you want to accomplish. Prioritize the task by their importance to your overall goals.

• Sharpen your focus. You will be more productive when working an extended period in the same mental mode, as opposed to changing gears frequently. Try to cluster tasks that require similar effort or resources.

• Limit distractions. Resist the temptation to review your e-mail each time a message arrives. Unless your job requires an immediate response, it is often best to check the inbox periodically throughout the day.

• Don’t delay. Even peak performers occasionally put off working on unpleasant or overwhelming assignments. One effective way to overcome procrastination is to break a project into smaller, more manageable tasks.

• Recharge your battery. Taking short breaks throughout the day can help you replenish your energy and fight fatigue.

These five steps are loaded with common sense career advice.

By the way, a survey by the Robert Half organization showed that Tuesday is said to be the most productive day of the week by 57 percent of executives. Monday came in a distance second with 12 percent.

I wish you career success!

Ramon Greenwood, Head Career Coach
Common Sense At Work