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10 Ways To Turn Resolutions Into Achievements


Career Advice:

There are two essential steps to achieving your career goals in ’08.

1. Set realistic goals, the achievement of which will move you forward on your career path.

2. Work to turn your resolutions into achievements.

Sounds simple, doesn’t it?

Most people have made resolutions for the new year, but the majority will fall short in keeping them.

If you are interesting in avoiding this all-too-common career pitfall you’ll want to read the first ’08 issue of The Career Accelerator (c). Due to go out Thursday, it spells out 10 ways to turn resolutions into achievements.

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Ramon Greenwood, Head Career Coach

CEO Salaries VS The Rest Of Us

Career Advice:

My last post concerned how much of a salary increase employees in 60 countries can expect in 2008. The answer is 3.9%, according to a recent survey. I’ll bet that most of you would agree with me that that figure is light years below the kind of raises CEOs are going to get.

Now comes a story from Reuters news service reporting
that just over three out of four employees think CEOs are overpaid. (90% of those surveyed were in the USA.)

Guess what? Sixty-four percent of top executives agree.

By the way, one-half of the CEOs said their leadership style is effective. Only 38% of employees agreed.

What do you think?

Ramon Greenwood, Head Career Coach
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How Much Of A Raise Are You Expecting in ’08?

Career Advice:

Are you expecting a salary increase in 2008? If so, how much?

Towers Perrin, a compensation consulting firm, says that raises in the U.S. are expected to stay about the same as this year. More raises will be tied to performance.

That means that, according to a survey of 4,000 companies in 60 countries, employers are budgeting an average of 3.9% for salary hikes. The gap is getting bigger between raises awarded to top and bottom employers. The top-rated employees received and average raise of 5.6% in 2007; lowest rated performers received only 1.8%.

Salary increases in India are expected to rise 15%; in China, 9%.

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Ramon Greenwood, Head Career Coach

How Much Time Do You Waste On the Job?

How much time do you waste every day on your job?

If you are an average worker, you waste 2.09 hours per workday, according to a survey by America Online and

Where’s all this time going? “Surfing the internet for personal reasons” leads the list. Almost 45 percent of more than 10,000 persons polled say this is their number one time-wasting activity. “Socializing” (23 percent) and “conducting personal business” (6.8 percent) are numbers two and three on the list. Also, listed are “spacing out,” “running errands,” “applying for other jobs,” “planning personal events” “arriving late/leaving early”.

By the way, the survey shows that persons born between the years of 1980 and 1985 waste nearly four times as much time on the job as do those born from 1930 to 1949.

What’s your experience? Are you wasting time that you could apply to career success? What do you see others doing?

How Do You Rate As A Boss?

Please use the comment board below to discuss today’s issue of The Career Accelerator titled “How Do You Rate As A Boss?”. Are you lacking any of the 10 attributes that bosses should have for a successful working relationship with their employees? Is your boss? Which attributes do you think are most important?

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