Monthly Archive for August, 2005

Share Power To Get Power

What are you doing on your job that someone else can do just as well or better?

Smart managers who want to keep their careers moving ahead ask themselves that crucial question every day.

JobTip: Such an inquiry is the initial step in delegating smaller, less critical responsibilities to others. Handing off to others those tasks that they can perform as effectively or better than you can is the only way you can gain the time and energy to concentrate on the key tasks that will build your career.

Take a hard look at your responsibilities and rank them according to their importance to your career goals and those of your employer. As quickly as possible pass off those menial tasks at the bottom of your list or priorities. Concentrate on becoming the best at carrying out the most important assignments.

(The real definition of management is the ability to accomplish goals through the effective use of resources and the proper utilization of people.)

Job Tip: You will know you are making progress up the pyramid of progress when you can declare “the only thing I can’t find someone else to do as well or better than I can is organizing and managing the people and resources in my span of control.”
No One Likes To Give Up Power

Delegation of responsibilities is not easy. It is even harder to delegate authority. Both acts fly in the face of the psyche that makes strong managers. Career Advice: But if delegation is to work to your benefit, you must share authority commensurate with responsibility. Delegation means accepting the notion that other people need power to get things done.

No ambitious manager wants to give up turf. Most achieving managers have healthy egos. Few take kindly to the idea that other people can do any job as well as they can.

But still they delegate responsibilities and authorities because they know that it is the only way they can grow.